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MedExpress Drugstore

The No. 1 Hospital Outpatient Pharmacy and Delivery Service Drugstore.

At MedExpress, we pride ourselves with offering the best services to our customers.


Complete Line of Drugstore Items
MedExpress carries complete lines of medicines: Over the counter, prescription medicines, branded and generic, specialty medicines like vaccines and cancer drugs, Medical Supplies, Adult Nutritional Products,   and Personal Care Items.


Competitive Pricing
Medexpress medicine Prices are competitive or lower than the leading drugstores.


Professional Pharmacy Services
To ensure medication safety of our customers we provide unique professional pharmacy services such as medication counseling, patient medication profile, medication compliance monitoring, and drug interaction monitoring. These services are not available in other drugstores.

Buying Convenience
MedExpress is conveniently located inside key hospitals nationwide to fill your prescription right after your consultation with your doctor.
We also offer delivery service to your home or office for all your medicine needs.


Enjoy the ultimate convenience when buying your medicines. Call MedExpress delivery hotline: 333-3333

Professional Pharmacy Services

Our pharmacy services are designed to ensure medication safety and better health outcome.

Pharmacy Management Services

We have the expertise to manage outpatient pharmacy and institutional pharmacy.

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